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Can you name the Regions in EVE?

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Random Systems in RegionRegionEmpire/Pirates
Haimeh, Sazilid, & EsubaraAmarr (Blood Raiders)
Martoh, Onnamon, & NourvukaikenCaldari (Guristas)
Gammel & KuomiAmarr (Blood Raiders)
BKG-Q2, 1IX-C0, & I-7JR4Guristas
M53-1V, 995-3G, & P7-45VAngel Cartel
MY-W1V, 5-N2EY, & MB-NKESansha's Nation
Ikao, Tennen, & MotsuCaldari (Guristas)
PPG-XC & 9-4RP2Serpentis
87-1PM & VY-866Rogue Drones
XX9-WVAngel Cartel
RO0-AF, VFK-IV, 7 CZDJ-1Guristas
CX8-6k, C3N-3S, & NOL-M9Blood Raiders
KenobanalaSansha's Nation
FR46-E, 3-LJW3, & 0-W778Angel Cartel
ShastalAmarr (Sansha's Nation)
Amarr, KudiAmarr (Sansha's Nation)
C9N-CC, Sansha's Nation
Vale, Mies, & AttynGallente (Serpentis)
R-6KYM & 89-JPERogue Drones
MuerGallente (Serpentis)
E9KD-N & L-C307Serpentis
K-X5AX & 0OYZ-GAngel Cartel
Random Systems in RegionRegionEmpire/Pirates
Jita, OtomainenCaldari
A8-XBW & PNQY-YSerpentis
BWF-ZZ & L-TOFRGuristas
Dead EndBlood Raiders
28-QWUAngel Cartel
Rens, Eystur, & PatorMinmatar (Angel Cartel)
I-NG18, Z-H2MA, & 2O-EEWAngel Cartel
68FT-6 & TWJ-AWAngel Cartel
5C-RPA & C-J6MTAngel Cartel
Nidupad & NordarAmarr (Blood Raiders)
WNM-V0 & Q-GICURogue Drones
Arzanni & AgilAmarr (Blood Raiders)
Nakregde & NibainkierAmarr (Blood Raiders)
Kamokor, Piak, & ErentaCaldari (Guristas)
8-2JZARogue Drones
Hek, Tvink, & KonoraMinmatar (Angel Cartel)
Audesder & KattegaudMinmatar (Angel Cartel)
3-JG3X & WW-OVQMinmatar (Rogue Drones)
AXDX-FAngel Cartel
R3P0-ZRogue Drones
LGUZ-1ORE (Serpentis)
GQ2S-8 & H8-ZTOSansha's Nation
Random Systems in RegionRegionEmpire/Pirates
TPAR-G Blood Raiders
B-7LYCRogue Drones
VilinnonGallente (Serpentis)
X6AB-Y & 9UY4-HSansha's Nation
EC-P8R & P-2TTLGuristas
I1Y-IUBlood Raiders
RNM-Y6Angel Cartel
Deltole, Du AnnesGallente (Serpentis)
Yvelet & BoystinGallente (Serpentis)
1I5-0VRogue Drones
CJF-1P, DSS-EZ, & U-WLT9Sansha's Nation
MHC-R3 & PF-346Serpentis
Goni & PimsuAmarr (Sansha's Nation)
ZH3-BS & R-YWIDGuristas
3L3N-X & T6GY-YAngel Cartel
MSHD-4 & WH-JCAGuristas
G5ED-Y & TVN-FMGuristas
Ekuenbiron & AldartGallente (Serpentis)
DUO-51 & 5H-SM2Angle Cartel
Polaris Sub-Galazy - InaccessibleGM Space

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