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Forced Order
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Former CountryModern Country
Sultanate of Adal
Kashmir Sultanate
Republic of Ragusa
Malwa Sultanate
Kingdom of Kakheti
Pattani Kingdom
Kingdom of Luang Phrabang
Kingdom of Aquitaine
Banten Sultanate
Pagan Kingdom
Kingdom of Jolof
Kingdom of Dahomey
Kingdom of Bernicia
Kingdom of Deheubarth
Merina Kingdom
Gorkha Kingdom
Ghana Empire
Duchy of Brittany
Ashanti Empire
Volga Bulgaria
Kingdom of Gwynedd
Grand Duchy of Vladimir
Former CountryModern Country
Duchy of Parma
Kingdom of Khazaria
League of the Free Peoples
Republic of Geneva
Bahmani Sultanate
Principality of Nitra
Kingdom of Loango
State of the Teutonic Order
Kingdom of Travancore
Duchy of Amalfi
Astrakhan Khanate
Giudicato of Arborea
Duchy of Lorraine
Kingdom of Arles
Kingdom of the Cimmerian Bosporus
Kingdom of Trøndelag
Republic of Salé
Vermont Republic
Principality of Achaea
Khanate of Kokand
Kingdom of Chimor
Kingdom of Dali
Nogai Horde
Kingdom of Connacht

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