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Can you name the modern country in which these former countries were located?

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Forced Order
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Kingdom of Champa
Tuvan People's Republic
Republic of Ragusa
United Provinces of the Río de la Plata
Kingdom of Abkhazia
Principality of Zeta
Kanem Empire
Despotate of Epirus
Kingdom of Makuria
Ryukyu Kingdom
Transvaal Republic
County of Tripoli
Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen
Far Eastern Republic
Free Imperial City of Ulm
Grand Duchy of Tuscany
State of Deseret
Duchy of Masovia
Kingdom of Navarre
Kingdom of Mysore
Latin Empire
Pskov Republic
Frisian Kingdom
Kingdom of Champasak
Kingdom of Dumnonia
Republic of Maryland
Kingdom of Ossory
Kingdom of Cilician Armenia
Taifa of Badajoz
Duchy of Brabant
Sultanate of Zanzibar
Aceh Sultanate
Mayan Empire
Gujarat Sultanate
Principality of Moldavia
Sultanate of Rum
Duchy of Courland and Semigallia
Kingdom of Castile
Khanate of Kazan
Kingdom of Strathclyde
Kingdom of Soissons
Kingdom of Hejaz
Sultanate of Delhi
Sultanate of Sulu
Kingdom of Jórvík
Kingdom of Fez
Majapahit Empire
Free Territory of Trieste

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