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Can you name the country given its first monarch and year of founding?

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Name & Yearcountry
Eric the Victorious (970s)
Sri Indraditya (1238)
Íñigo Arista (824)
Mohammed I ibn Nasr (1238)
Oleg (882)
Carol I (1881)
Prithvi Narayan Shah (1768)
Muhammad Shah (1368)
Mindaugas (1251)
Abd-ar-Rahman III (929)
Zog I (1928)
Osman I (1299)
Pachacuti (1438)
Lothair II (855)
Harald Fairhair (872)
Shaka (1816)
Maximilian I Joseph (1799)
Kenneth I (841)
Faisal I (1921)
Alexios I (1204)
Seljuk (985)
Otto (1832)
Charles I (1266)
Hermeric (409)
Sumu-Abum (1830 BC)
Name & Yearcountry
Hyeokgeose (57 BC)
Æthelstan (927)
Stefan (1196)
Nominoe (846)
Qin Shi Huang (220 BC)
Kamehameha I (1782)
Agustín I (1822)
Ottokar I (1192)
Jayavarman II (802)
Pelagius (718)
Idris I (788)
Clovis I (509)
Ngwane III (1745)
William I (1815)
Stephen I (1000)
Bagrat III (960)
Tomislav (925)
Ashot I (884)
Augustus (27 BC)
Shō Hashi (1422)
Frederick I (1701)
Lukeni lua Nimi (1390s)
Afonso I (1139)
Ahmed ibn Muhammad ibn Khalifa (1783)
Jimmu (660 BC) *

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