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Monarch & Yearcountry
Napoleon III (1852-1870)
Sriranga III (1642-1646)
Ashur-uballit II (612–609 BC)
Kuchum (1563-1598)
Magnus Olafsson (1254-1265)
Llewelyn ap Gruffudd (1246-1282)
Victor Emmanuel II (1849-1861)
Ptolemy XV (44-30 BC)
Catherine Cornaro (1474-1489)
Askia Ishaq II (1588-1591)
Charles the Bold (1467-1477)
Bomilcar (309-308 BC)
Bahadur Shah II (1837-1857)
Gyanendra (2001-2008)
Bảo Đại (1926-1945)
Ardo (714-721)
Stanisław II August (1764-1795)
Leonardo III (1448-1479)
Stephen Tomašević (1461-1463)
Aisin-Gioro Puyi (1908-1912)
Nicholas II (1894-1917)
Syagrius (464-486)
Pratap Singh (1808-1819)
Mohammed Alim Khan (1911-1920)
Peter von Biron (1769-1795)
Monarch & Yearcountry
Badi' al-Zaman (1506-1507)
Haile Selassie I (1930-1974)
Mojmir II (894-901)
Desiderius (756-774)
Constantine XI (1449-1453)
Francis II (1792-1806)
Şahin Giray (1777-1782,1782-1783)
Pedro II (1931-1889)
Ælfwynn (918)
Faustin Soulouque (1849-1859)
Sunjong (1907-1910)
Perseus (179-167 BC)
Peter II (1934-1945)
Jérôme-Napoléon (1807-1813)
Constantine II (1396-1422)
Ahmad Shah (1511-1513)
Mahmud IV (1590s-1600s)
Domhnall Spainneach (1595-1632)
Luis de Santa María Nanacacipactzin (1563-1565)
Dehwe Mupunzagutu (1740-1759)
Mohammed Zahir Shah (1933-1973)
Henry II (1285-1291)
Abu Sa'id (1316-1335)
George XII (1798-1800)
Frederick Augustus III (1904-1918)

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