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Forced Order
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Aim to emerge as the princesses in the music industry and wear a beautiful jeweled small crown
Limitless, Boundless
Code Name-Burning, Lovely, Untouchable, Emotional.
First letter + Panda Color
Gods Rising from the East.
Girls who make you wonder and marvel.
Da Bit Eee( in korean) meaning of “All shining”
Sense of freedom that is felt after leaving institution and how they show off their talents and have a fun time while enjoying such freedom.
Neo Culture Technology( representing the longitude coordinates of Seoul)
The group’s aim is to make such energetic and passionate music., active and pumped time of the day
Five treasure + a land surrounded by water
It signifies the sound that babies make which means that they want to approach to listeners organically and instinctively with our music.
The group’s aim is to feature songs which express such emotional depth and sensitivity., emotional and reflective time of the day.
Good Friend through Good Music
'Pretty isn't everything'. It also symbolizes that they are a team that encompasses not only beauty, but also great talent.'
New, Establish, Style, Tempo ( creation of new music according to new style)
Named because they were super in every field in their trainee days.
Girls relating to the universe, especially as distinct from the earth
Hello to Kpop with exceptional beauty
Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality

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