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Brief DescrpitionSCPObject Class
A virus which causes its victims to turn into zombiesEuclid
When within range of the composition, forcibly draws the victim towards itself, making them cut their wrist in an attempt to finish it using their own blood.Euclid
A mask capable of transferring its conscious onto any victim which wears it. In this instance it is worn by a scientist in its containment chamber.Keter
Capable of killing a victim with the touch of its hand. Performs surgery on the victim afterwards to turn them into zombies.Euclid
Produces random effects and behaviors with no visible pattern. Often says 'Eric?' when within range of a subject.Euclid
Creates loud blaring sounds when near CCTV monitors. Attempts to halt the player's progress through varied means.Euclid
Will chase down and devour any victim who views its face.Euclid
Capable of traversing through solid matter. Catches victims and takes them to its Pocket Dimension.Keter
Can be combined with the gas mask, ballistic vest or hazmat suit via SCP-914 in order to create heavy variants of each equipment.Euclid
Capable of moving at high speeds when not in direct line of sight. Snaps victims' necks.Euclid
When worn, the victim will perceive large bipedal entities in the current surroundings.Euclid
Two flood lamps that cast the shadow and events of a woman leading up to her death.Euclid
Grants the subject a cup of anything they desire.Euclid
Capable of only being seen by subjects in their peripheral vision.Euclid
Heals wounds, the Zombie Virus, and symptoms gained from The Encyclopedia of Common Diseases.Safe
A bell that when rung will trigger a tall entity.Euclid
Brief DescrpitionSCPObject Class
Can be heard roaring throughout the facility.Keter
Increases exhaustion whilst increasing resilience to anomalous effects.Safe
Unlocks and causes any door to open into a forest.Safe
Causes electronic equipment to malfunction. Victims within range of said equipment can die due to auditory or visual feeds.Euclid
Refines items.Safe
Predators which take on the voice of their previous victims to lure prey.Keter
Humanoid entities that are only visible when using the night vision goggles.Euclid
An endless looping hallway.Euclid
You look afraid. Don't be afraid. This is a dream. The last dream you may ever have, for nightmares are coming.Keter
Causes the victim to begin exhibiting the symptoms of any disease they readSafe
A teddy bear that roams the facilityKeter
If touched the victim will enter a dissociative fugue, psychogenic state and adopt the identity and memories of a random human being.Safe
If reached in to, the subject can retrieve various items.Euclid
If worn the subject will be teleported to a different dimension.Safe
High intensity narcotic. Stops blood loss and nausea.Totally Safe
A face which manifests in toilets.Safe

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