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Can you name the Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Maps?

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First Zombies mapNo Dialogue
Swamp Zombie mapInto the Swamp.
Asylum Zombie mapFear the Doctor!
First Teleporter Zombie mapTurn on the Power!
Theater Zombie mapHide in the Theater!
Pentagon Zombie mapNixons Back!!
Newest Zombie mapWhere did the color go?
Arcade Mode Zombie gameStupid Gorilla!
Origanal special zombies gunPorter's X2 --- gun when upgraded
Wonder WeaponCreated by the Doctor
Special GunZeus Cannon when upgraded
Special GunStops Zombies, doesn't Kill them
Gun UpgraderOnly can be used when the power is On
Random Weapon DispenserCosts 950 points to use
Original American Character'I told you, I wasn't on the menu!'
Original Russian Character'Stay away from my Vodka!'
Original German CharacterBeware the Doctor!'
Original Japanese Character'The power of my Ancestors runs through my veins!'
New Five Character'Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever!'
New Five Character'Hands off the Mack, Jack!'
New Five Character'For Cuba!'
New Five Character'You cant stop Tricky Dick!'
Doctor who created Zomies Also created the Ray Gun and Thundergun
Soda powerupSeveral different singing machines
One of the Soda PerksStrength and Health
One of the Soda PerksReloading
One of the Soda PerksShot Rate
One of the Soda PerksSaving teamates
One of the Soda PerksRunning
One of the Soda PerksDiving Death
Very special GrenadeAddicting cybals
Very special GrenadeFuturistic Monkeys
Very special GrenadeFuturistic Claymores
Very special KnifeClasic Special knife
Very special KnifeNew Curved sword
Power UpKills All Zombies
Power UpReplenishes your ammo
Power UpGives Twice the amount of Normal points
Power Up1 shot kills
Power UpSellfish sale!
Power UpPack a Punch sale!
Power UpRebuilds Window defenses
Power UpPortable Machine gun.
EnemyFirst danger other than the Zombies
EnemyMain threat in the Game
EnemyDowngraded zombies.
Special Enemy'Five' ghost
Special EnemyArcade Enemy
Special EnemyPerk Stealers
Special EnemyNova Gas Attack
TransportationAscension transportation.
TransportationPack a Punch Finder
TransportationOnly in the Zombie Swamp
Extra PersonelIt's her teddybear
Extra PersonelThe Doctors Assistant
Extra PersonelWorked on the zombie project with the Doctor
Evil stufed animalLittle girls stuffed animal
Little Girls dogKilled the Doctor and his daughter
EquipmentLure them in and then ZAP!
EquipmentTransmits music and messages
EquipmentShoots at enemies automatically.
EquipmentNew 'hot' barrier
EquipmentShows videos in the theater
Upgraded GunsBallistic Knife
Upgraded GunsCrossbow
Upgraded GunsPPSH-41
Upgraded GunsChina Lake
Equipment WeaponsBuyable US grenade
Equipment WeaponsBuyable Equipment
Equipment WeaponsFlaming Wine Bottle
Equipment WeaponsBuyable German Grenade
WeaponWeapon you Start with
Ineractive Computer gameOn Black Ops menu computer

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