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Opposite of benevolent___volent
3-letter root for LIGHTtrans___ent
Stop signs are ____gons___et
When your culture thinks they're better and everyone else inferior_____centric
Second year in both high school and collegephilo____y
SI unit for distance Iambic penta_____
These shine in the night skycon_____ation
Percy Jackson is a ___god___god
Where all your thinking takes place, think of the broad 4-letter word that describes that place____ation
If a baby comes earlier than it should have, it's...___mature
When you're talking to someone and someone else cuts you off mid conversationpro____ed
This rock tends to 'SIT' between layers___imentary
USA, tv, lib, cpu are examples of...ab___iation
Opposite of malevolent____volent
Last four letters in homi___, geno____, etc.sui____
If you can read handwriting it must be...___ible
Not horizontal or vertical___gonal
You can use this to make your voice sound louder____phone
You have to work TOGETHER to reach a ___promise___promise
A radius in a circle goes from the CENTER to the outer edgeethno______c
If a part of your body is sore it's...____itive
These singers sing HIGH notes___o
Not false, but TRUE___ify
You look through this to see the stars at nightperi_____
Not homo, but __________sexual
People that move into a country or out of a country are known as...____ation
Refers to CARRYing somethingtrans___
Words with this as an ending refers to the ACT OR STATE of somethingaffec____
This leads INTO the rest of an essay, and goes at the beginning_____ductory
If you're scared of something you have a ______.xeno______
Above five and below seven____gon
The Earth re____es around the Sunre____e
Greek root for OLD_____zoic
Red, Blue, and Yellow are the ____ary colors____ordial
Not good___interpret
Derivatives of this root involve FEELINGSsym____etic
Medusa would ____ify her enemies and turn them into stone___ified
When a planet is in its first stages it's a...._____planet
This name goes OVER your old one after marriage___name
Saints were known for having these WONDERS attributed to them ___acle
You can hear your friend's voice through this devicetele____e
An object with sides is known as a...sided object
The practice where you marry multiple people.poly____
This person can TWIST their bodycon____ionist
After you break up with someone, they are your...__it
If a word isn't singular, it's...___ral
Means the same as ciseana____
This root can be used to do what it means______ent
Class that comes after physical science___logy
These go in a baby's mouth to quiet them___ifier
The south did this in the Civil Warse____
Not low, but...____polis
A birth stone for marchaqua___ine
This orbits the Earth____r
The period of time BEFORE a war____bellum
Omaha is a CITY in Nebraskametro_____
Not old, but...___classicism
Twinkle, Twinkle, little ________onomy
Definitely not peaceful, ____igerent
The ROCK statues at Easter Island and Stonehenge are examples of mega____sNeo____ic
Not forwards, but...edargorter
When events go in order of which they took place, they are..._____ological
You look through these to see faraway thingsbin____ars
Four letter root for against____-bacterial
The person who's to BLAME for the crime____rit
The planets orbit this in our solar system_____centric
This was used to blow through mountains when the railroad was being constructedTNT
Not one, but...__cycle
Rivers often have...____ent
INFLAMMATION of something, like joints perhapsarthr____
What your breathing system in your body is calledre____atory
These are done in a HOLY manner as a tribute to the gods above____ifice
Words with this root RELATE TO what they talk aboutpuls__
Past tense of hide_____ozoology
involves the SIDES of an objectquadri___eral
When something is better than the OTHER, you settle for the OTHER one._____nate
ONE HUNDRED years____ury
When you're slow and clumsy due to great weight____erous
These people donate to causes, showing their love for MANkindphil_______ist
This person practices rituals with the dead_____mancer
Has to do with a clock______ary
The last scene or part of a play is its...___ish
Big Bird from Sesame Street______opter
Not under but _________cede
Two meanings, VITAL or RELATED___inate
Fancy root for blood______neless
When you work TOGETHER__operation
These words refer to the NATURE OF bears, dogs, horses, but not catscan___
Sleeping volcanoes are ZZZ
You may call this person this if they're insane_____opath
Round like a circle______ference
Women get this when they're expecting a baby_____sound
This root itself is another word for its meaning___itude
this word means FULL OF difficultyardu___
Circle, square, triangle, rectanglemeta_____osis
When this is added to a word, it refers to the QUALITY of somethingkind____
Abbreviation of the 11th month___ice
Means the same as aqua_____ponics
This surgeon operates on the NERVous system_____surgeon
Means the same as a, un, and non__literate
The word itself is an article of clothing____ure
Latin root for away___tract
Greek God over shepherds, the wild, and hunting/rustic music___sexual
If you have these, people will more likely BELIEVE you____entials
A word that goes hand-in-hand with hope, but can be also used in a religious sensecon___ent
Really, really SMALL_____scopic
Things you LOOK out of in order to see things____tacles
Opposite of fiction___fiction
You do this to 'CUT' the fat out of your bodyexer____
These can be confusing or funny, it depends.___dle
When you're full of yourself, you have an___tistical
Government is which PEOPLE get to vote ____graphic
Means the same as gest and fertrans____ation
If you want to make things right, you ____ify them____ify
This one really requires some THINKingcom___e
This refers to new BORN babiesneo___al
The process of KILLing a mother_____cide
Vehicle that is called when you get severely injured_____ance
If you're lively and animated, you're this...___acious
This root means SKINpachy____
Orange cones signify that you're in what kind of zone?___struct
If you love playing with fire, you're a...____maniac
This person leads people in music with a batoncon____or
The _____continental Railroad_____form
Not hetero, but ________sexual
Same as the syn___metry
Not together, but...__cede
If there's more than one person working together on something, they're in a...con____ate
This animal has a flat bill_____pus
Process of leaves absorbing sunlight for food_____synthesis
Someone who SPECIALIZES in a fieldphys_____
Means the same as tang____ics
Instead of the study of, it refers to LAW ofastro____
If something is this, it produces powerful feelings that you can LOOK back onvi___
If you can TOUCH it, it's...____ible
The material that supposed is excreted from a paranormal medium____plasm
Not dull, but...___id
Means doctrineThe Great Sch___
A truck you can see on the interstate with a big trailer____circle
This is used to CARE FOR illnesses and diseases (if they have one)___e
Some religions actively seek these...con____
You SEND a ___ionary off somewhere to do a ____ion for youdis____
Beind ___dial is warm and friendly, so basically HEARTfelt___dial
You can put soup in this to keep it hot and to make it portable______s
This one person has all the SAY in a country's policies____ator
Has to do with GOVERNMENTolig_____
When you're too cold, you get...____thermia
Another name for a criminal that's on the run___itive
Not crooked, but..._____pedic
Greek root for TURN____scope
When you're breathing too fast, you're..._____ventilate
Farmers use this vehicleat_____
Adding this to a word makes the meaning opposite__do
Sometimes expressed with a pie, bars side-by-side, or even linesdemo_____ic
2/3, 5/6, 3/4. 1/2 are example of..._____ion
'Give me _______ or give me death!'_____ty
GPS helps determine the ________ of a place____motive
One of the four core classes___ence
This program SELF corrects your mistakes so you can keep on typing____correct
These people walk across the crosswalkortho___ic
These are UNDER water weapon vehicles___marine
Found on the end of words involving the STUDY or SCIENCE OF somethingEtymo____
Fancy root for FALSE______nym
Some people have this BLOOD disorder, where blood doesn't clot properly___ophilia
Means the same as endo_____venous
If you CLOSE someone out of a group they are...se____e
Underwater sound technique used for navigations ___ar
Dead BODY____se
These people are FEMALE not malemistr___
A place where you feel safe and at ease _____uary
These statements tend to be derogatory, but can be somewhat positive as well depending on on how it's worded______type
You give someone this after they've done something good for you to show that you're PLEASED____ification
We have this kind of skeleton____thermic
Christianity is a ____theistic religion____poly
This kind of triangle has two EQUAL legs___sceles
When you abruptly 'THROW' your two cents into a conversationinter____
You use this material with dry wall_____er
Underwater creature that makes oearls____or
Not the mean, mode, or range, but the...____an
Opposite of pre____-secondary
A waterFALL suits this definition for the rootcas___e
Beyond ordinary_____ordinary
A statement that contradicts itselfpara___
Knox, Worth, Calhoun, Hood____ify
3, 2, 1 FIGHTre____ant
Shows natural and artificial features on a map ____graphy
When you __play something you play it over and over AGAIN__peat
These go at the end of a research essay or presentation and it contains your sources______graphy
Nerbaska is a ___cameral state.___form
This kind of handwriting is like the pen RUNning on paper____ive
Tourist attraction where people come to see animalsHenry Doorly __o
Greek root for ARTgraph___
Involves SPEAKing ___abulary
If you're a well-rounded____math
When something damages your DNA and makes it change, your DNA undergoes a...____tion
These make up the human skeleton____porosis
Even if you're not good at something but you LOVE doing it, you're an...____eur
2-letter root for GOOD__reka
Pet fish are kept in a...____rium
Your ears belong in the ____tory system, since they let you HEAR ____tory
to ___e something you can POUR two different things into one container___ion
If you're speech sounds fluent and persuasivee____ent
Latin root for causeprecipit___
The guillotine would do this to someonede_____ate
Does the same as the root un, except this root can mean the same as itself (__ OR NOT)__secure
These have the APPEARANCE of falling stars, so they're called 'shooting stars'aster___
Means the same as non, in, and un_pathy
These are all around you in the airmole___
Jewish place of worshipsyn____ue
Not apart, but...___onym
BAD noise____phony
If you're not with/for something, you're AGAINST it______band
What the three major religions pray to in heaven____logy
Lots of people get their ears_i__ce
It's found in a grandfather clock and it swings back and forth____ulum
You can find dead people in this place____uary
This term refers to the male that's head of the household, means FATHER_____familias
Process of attaining knowledge and understanding____ition
When you wave your hand you 'CARRY' a greeting____ure
Adding this to the end of words adds 'to MAKE', such as intensi__ which is to MAKE instenseintensi__
When you're in say a canoe and you TAKE on water and sink___size
An important five-sided U.S. Government building_____gram
Words with the same meaning are...syno___
These people eat FLESH____ivore
Plural of person___ulation
Not up, but...__scend
Something that's constantly encountered and commonly widespread____present
This kind of animal can go both in water and on land_____bian
Better than good, and can refer to size____ificent
Fancy name for an object with four sides_____hedron
First book of the bible, discusses the ORIGIN of the world___esis
First four letters of the word for the process of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly___morphosis
You have one of these for your car, the Driver's ___ual___ual
A form of PAYment, sometimes in the form of sacrifices to the gods in order to pay ____ute'I volunteer as _______!'
TO do something__here
These to WRITE everything downde_____e
If you're always on time, you're a ________ person_____uation
This ability to move objects with your mind is known as...____kinesis
Aristotle thought this was the center odf the universe___centric
You're not WORTHY to know this rootin____ant
A ___ade is 10 years___athlon
A sub___ is 'under the cCITY, since it's a smaller section of a city___anization
These words combine sentencescon_____ion
It ALWAYS means ALWAYSdrunk___
Same meaning as amatbiblio_____
These help with different deficiencies____min
If you're BETWEEN galaxies, you're..._____galactic
18/6 = ?___angle

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