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Who is the 'most non-threatening' German to take over the power plant?
Crippler has been at Burns Manor since when?
Who drives the school bus while Otto gets his licence?
To whom does Lisa ask 'what's the sound of one hand clapping?
Grampa gambles with Bea's money at what game?
To what does Mr. Black propose a toast?
According to Krusty, what is 'the happiest place on Earth?'
The ingredients of Homer's Moon Waffles are waffle batter, caramel and what?
To a wolf, if Bart is an hors d'oeuvre, what is Willie?
Barney enlists which singer for his Plow King ad?
According to Gabbo, what are all the kids in Springfield?
As a Jock, it's Homer's duty to give who a hard time?
Upon entering the oil rig Krusty Burger, Homer immediately orders how many burgers?
Cat burglar Molloy's stolen millions are hidden under what?
Who was James Woods talking to when he exclaimed 'why you frickin' no-good mother(BEEPBEEPBEEP) cheese!'
At show-and-tell, what item does Martin claim 'must be acknowledged?'
In America, first you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get...
In Treehouse of Horror V, the school cafeteria serves Uter up as what?
Who sets fire to the Simpsons' ancestral home, Grampa or Homer?
Which therapist helps Marge get over her fear of flying?
Homer correctly predicts that the comet headed for Springfield will end up the size of what?
Krusty's debt to the Mafia and betting AGAINST the Harlem Globetrotters amounts to what?
In Australia, what could disparaging the Boot get you sentenced to?
Krusty arrives back in town just as Burns blocks out the sun. Where has he been?
How did the shells Burns made for the Nazis differ from Oskar Schindler's?
For how much did Bart sell Milhouse his soul?
At Homer's BBBQ, what does Lisa make as a vegetarian alternative?
The three food groups Dr. Nick prescribes Homer for weight gain are the whipped, the congealed, and what?
When Bart imagines spending Christmas in juvenile hall, what does he get as a present?
What do the new school uniforms make the students do in unison (that Skinner loves the sound of)?
The arrival of which former leader stopped George Bush garrotting Homer?
When Krusty's possessions are auctioned following his tax scandal, who buys his bed?
Jebediah Springfield's confession is written on part of whose portrait?
When his dad takes Martin to the stock exchange, Martin makes a million dollars trading in what?
In 22 Short Films About Springfield, Apu's story is titled what?
In the same episode, the chaos at Bumblebee Man's house ends with him wondering where what is?
In the same episode, what remedy for gum-in-the-hair does the Sea Captain suggest?
After the setting up of Bear Patrol, Lisa sells Homer a rock to keep what other dangerous animal away?
Sonic Youth raid Peter Frampton's cooler on the grounds that he couldn't eat all of what fruit?
In the same episode, Bart corrects Homer's pronunciation of what word?
The first three words Homer utters after discovering his car decorated with seashells are...
What do Homer and Marge feed Bart's twin, Hugo?
Kang and Kodos place Bill Clinton and who else in suspended animation?
To prove he's 'not bluffing', what does Hank Scorpio blow up?
In the same episode, Scorpio attacks government troops using what?
What odds do Las Vegas give on Homer beating Drederick Tatum?
What does Homer yell at Marge in the burlesque house (that prompts Bart to remove him)?
Where is Homer when Bart smashes a chair over him?
Homer's telemarketing scheme promises what in exchange for a dollar?
What rancid Krusty Burger product do the bullies throw at Skinner's house?
The hurricane destroyed everything Ned Flanders owned except what?
If Marge is Homer's soul mate and Barney is his friend, what is Moe?
In retaliation to Marge selling pretzels with Mafia help, who do the Investorettes call in?
A scrap of newspaper in a Powersauce bar informs Homer of which leader's death?
In Poochie's first episode, where were Itchy and Scratchy headed when Poochie showed up?
Who on the Springfield Dam is most upset by the death of Geech the dog?
Homer's response to Lisa showing up at the Squidport with Bart and Maggie in a wheelbarrow is to demand what?
Bart is pinched for not wearing what on St. Patrick's Day?
Lisa tearing up a check for $12million causes Homer to have how many heart attacks?
Rev. Lovejoy rescues Ned from what kind of monkeys?
Which animals does Lisa see 'upside down and inside out' in New York City?
What are the first words Bart ever said to Skinner?
After Homer accidentally discharges his gun at an NRA meeting, who asks 'are you some kind of moron'?
Apu's mother mails him what to tell him it's time for him to marry?
At Red Blazer Realty, Cookie Kwan demands everyone 'stay off' where?
Lionel Hutz tells who at Red Blazer that they are 'hanging on by a thread'?
The Movementarians brainwash Homer by inserting the word 'Leader' into what famous theme?
If Bart is Apple, Nelson is Orange and Ralph is Banana, what is Milhouse?
According to the ad, what does the Canyonero smell like?
And how many does it seat?
Burns loses a trillion dollar bill to who?
By dropping it, Homer discovers the Orb of Isis is what?
In Treehouse of Horror IX, Snake's hair causes Homer to kill who?
Alec Baldwin expresses disgust after biting into what flavor of muffin?
While at home sick, Lisa becomes addicted to what video game?
Gunter and Ernst own a white tiger called what?
Who breaks Homer and co. out of the Superbowl Jail?
Marge destroys her Canyonero to save Homer by distracting what animal?
After Homer floods Springfield in the name of conceptual art, who steals Astrid Weller's boat?
Stephen Hawking is intrigued by Homer's theory that the universe is shaped like what?
The Simpsons lose their last million yen thanks to Homer's skill at what?
To kill Homer, a French chef prepares a poison-filled what?
Homer's dueling opponent, the Southern Colonel, is distracted from the duel by what food item?
Homer and what other Simpson have bowled a perfect game?
Which toy is 'soft and cuddly with lots of firepower'?
Gary Coleman's cameo features him on the phone complaining about what kind of shellfish?
Lisa convinces Homer and Bart they have what disease (after a visit from Lucille Ball's ghost)?
Burns' condition - where he has every disease but none affect him - is known as what?
What is the name of the casino Homer builds in the South Pacific?
As the people of Springfield dance at a Who concert, which animals invade the town?
While employed as Burns' 'prank monkey', Homer is forced to dress up as what animal?
What does Martin call 'sodium chloride' (prompting Nelson to beat him up)?
After having a crayon removed from his brain, how many points does Homer's IQ increase?
What is the name of Bart, Nelson, Ralph and Milhouse's band?
Homer starts a hunger strike after discovering that the Isotopes are moving where?
The effects of the drug 'Poindextrose' lead Nelson to punch who uncontrollably?
Who is the Simpsons' guide while they are in Africa?
While in Africa, the family survives a plunge over what waterfall?
Homer employs what to get rid of Maude Flanders' things since Ned cannot?
What is the bully Kearney's second name (correct spelling only)?

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