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Cary Grant / Katharine Hepburn screwball comedy where they must call a pet leopard.1938
James Dean drama about frustrated Cal Trask who is trying to adjust the clock settings in paradise.1955
Orson Welles directs Charlton Heston in this movie about the pain of murder, police corruption on a Mexican border town.1958
Sean Connery Bond Film with a villain with an aging hand.1964
Satirical Donald Sutherland comedy about cremated remains in Korea1970
Richard Dreyfuss thriller about a series of disappointed exclamations that might ruin summer in Amity.1975
Mel Gibson movie set in the Australian dystopian future about a marketer who must target a vicious biker gang.1979
Al Pacino crime drama about a Cuban refugee who loves automobiles.1983
Bill Murray action comedy about a group of four men who capture bad event holders.1984
Warren Beatty plays a disgusting comic strip detective.1990
Chris Farely / David Spade comedy about the absence of ewes.1996
Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman sexual drama about a wife who tells her husband she didn't spread her legs open.1999
Nicolas Cage action movie where a guy helps his brother steal a car a minute.2000
Mel Gibson comedy about a chapeau that females would like to have.2000
Jack Black comedy about a saintly guy who falls in love with a 300 lb woman.2001
Julia Roberts / Clive Owen drama about two deceitful couples where no one is a winner.2004
Jennifer Garner comedy about an infant who wishes to be ten times her age2004
Steve Carell comedy sequel where a family vehicle gets the powers of god.2007
Sarah Jessica Parker comedy about four aging women and one previous beau in a metropolis.2008
Johnny Depp leads tiny hair bugs back through a strange world.2010

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