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Carolyn describes MJN not as an airline, but as a what?MJN Air
What does MJN stand for?MJN Air
Which airfield is MJN based at?MJN Air
How many people work for MJN?MJN Air
What was the destination in the first episode?Destinations
What was the team's Hawaiian destination?Destinations
Where did Arthur arrange to fly his aunt?Destinations
Which destinations feature on the Birling Day episodes?Destinations
What colour car is spotted?Games
En-route to Gdansk, which dwarf could Martin not remember?Games
Which director's films did Douglass reference in a cabin address?Games
What fruit travels?Games
What is the plane's name?Plane
How many passenger seats does the plane have?Plane
What model is the plane?Plane
How many otters can fit in the plane?Plane
On which radio station was Cabin Pressure first broadcast?Series
What sort of production is Cabin Pressure?Series
Who composed the theme tune?Series
Who is the producer?Series
Who is afraid of sheep?Supporting characters
Which team does Mr. Birling support?Supporting characters
Who is the Tower controller at MJN's home airfield?Supporting characters
Who offers to buy the plane off Carolyn every year?Supporting characters
Who has played the captain in all but one episode?Martin
What is Martin's salary?Martin
What is Martin's other job?Martin
Where was Martin born?Martin
Who portrays the smooth-talking first officer?Douglass
Which airline did Douglass fly for before MJN?Douglass
Who is Douglass happily married to?Douglass
After losing Martin's van keys, what song did Douglass play for Arthur?Douglass
Which actress plays Carolyn?Carolyn
What is Carolyn's surname?Carolyn
What art form does Carolyn regard as two things done badly?Carolyn
What does Carolyn keep in the hold that she enjoyed using in Spain?Carolyn
Who writes and performs Arthur's part?Arthur
What is Arthur the inventor/discoverer of?Arthur
What nationality is Arthur's father?Arthur
What one word would Arthur use to describe this quiz?Arthur

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