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Allows any woman wearing it to remain eternally beautiful, also caused misfortune to it's wearer.
The sword used by King Arthur which he received from the Lady of the Lake.
Footwear that let this messenger god fly.
Worn by Heracules, it was skinned from the animal he killed as one of his labors.
The hammer weilded by Thor, said to be Invulnerable and will always return to it's owner's hand.
The choice weapon of Cupid which caused love to all that it hit.
Was given to Aphrodite by Paris in a contest where she was judged as the most beautiful.
Container said to hold the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments.
A sealed box said to contains all the evils of the world.
The cup that was said to be present at the Last Supper.
The weapon of Poseidon, is rumored to cause earthquakes when he taps it on the ground.
Spear used by Odin, was made for him by a dwarf.

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