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Central hall
Here’s where the staff of the ministry leaves and enters
Department with a combination of police and justice facilities and has power over all other departments
Serves as a headquarters for Aurors
Created by Minister Rufus Scrimgeour in 1996
Here was Arthur Weasley working until 1996
Office which deals with the improper use of magic
The high Wizard court of law
Clerical duties for the Wizengamot
Department with the responsibility for repairing accidental magical damage
Responsible for reversing the effects of magical mishaps caused by inexperienced witches and wizards
Here are the Obliviators stationed
Invents excuses for the Muggle community for any magical accidents or occurrences
Responsible for concealing the wizarding world from Muggles
Responsible for Wizard-Muggle cooperation
Department responsible for studying, regulating, and controlling magical creatures
Deals with creatures classified as “Beasts”
Deals with creatures classified as “Beings”
Deals with creatures classified as “Spirits”
Responsible for Wizard-Goblin cooperation
Responsible for Wizard-Centaur cooperation
Provides assistance with various forms of infestation
Deals with and covering up the worst magical-Muggle collisions
Deals with foreign affairs, both political and public
Deals with legislation regarding trading standards
Serves as the International Confederation of Wizard's link to the British Ministry of Magic as opposed to the British Ministry of Magic's link to the International Confederation of
Wizarding intergovernmental organization
Department responsible for various aspects of magical transportation
Responsible for monitoring and maintaining the Floo Network
Authorises and regulates Broom usage
Authorises and regulates Portkey usage
Tests Apparition students and issues Apparition licences to those who successfully pass the final test, giving them the right to Apparate and Disapparate legally
Department which deals with organising sports events and enforcing game-related laws and regulations
Organizes the annual competition, arranging the matches and the players who participate
Prepares and plans Gobstones tournaments
Deals with the licencing of 'ludicrous' patents
Department that carries out confidential research regarding particular enigmas and stores copies of prophecies
The concept of thought and all related subjects are studied in this chamber
The concept of Space and all related subjects are studied in this chamber
Dimly lit chamber, with stone tiers leading down to a pit in the centre where a stone archway is located
The concept of Time and all related subjects are studied in this chamber
High as a church and full of nothing but towering shelves covered in small, dusty, glass orbs
The Ever-Locked Room
Oversee the use and development of experimental charms
Responsible for maintaining the upkeep of the Ministry, including deciding what weather to display through the Ministry's enchanted windows and repairing magic gone wrong within th
In charge of the dissemination of information to the wizarding populace that the Ministry deems necessary
Responsible for Education Policy in the UK
Approves new Educational Decrees
Examines Students at Hogwarts
Makes research and publishes reports
Responsible for properly disposing of exploding bonbons
Responsible for foreign relations and international sporting events
Here is the Minster of Magic Stationed
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