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Brief DescriptionCharacterAppears in
Main field operative of Third EchelonSplinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow, Chaos Theory, Double Agent
Commanding officer and advisorSplinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow, Chaos Theory, Double Agent
Hacker and analystSplinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow, Chaos Theory
Field runnerSplinter Cell
Field runnerSplinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow
Field runnerChaos Theory
President of GeorgiaSplinter Cell
Georgian mercenarySplinter Cell
Georgian computer programmerSplinter Cell
French computer programmerSplinter Cell
CIA agent (deceased)Splinter Cell
CIA agent (deceased)Splinter Cell
Head of Displace InternationalPandora Tomorrow, Chaos Theory
Leader of Dara Dan DoaPandora Tomorrow
Rogue CIA agentPandora Tomorrow
Indonesian linguistPandora Tomorrow
Unseen mercenaryPandora Tomorrow
Unseen mercenaryPandora Tomorrow
Brief DescriptionCharacterAppears in
Lead researcher on the Masse KernelsChaos Theory
Lead researcher on the Masse KernelsChaos Theory
Admiral of Japanese I.S.D.F.Chaos Theory
That guy that fixes the doorChaos Theory
Leader of Peruvian People's VoiceChaos Theory
Bank robber on paroleChaos Theory
Captain of the Clarence E. WalshChaos Theory
War criminal from the Bosnian conflictChaos Theory
Second field operativeDouble Agent
Icelandic arms dealerDouble Agent
Member of JBA and inmate at EllisworthDouble Agent
Head of John Brown's ArmyDouble Agent
Doctor in the JBADouble Agent
Lieutanant of JBADouble Agent
Paranoid JBA technicianDouble Agent
Traitor in JBADouble Agent
Assistant Director of the NSADouble Agent
Protaganist's daughterSplinter Cell, Double Agent

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