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DescriptionTV Show
Imagine if you will, a show so strange, it shouldn't come first, because all our other shows are in order. But not this one.
Now, We begin, in 1949 with the first show that we would like to talk about. It was great, they had guns, and a horse, it took place in the west, it was really the best.
Lucille Ball married Desi Arnaz, but they slept in separate beds, because, it was the 1950s.
Oh you sweet child actors, you all turn out so bad, but I can't help wishing that Buckwheat was my dad.
This is the tale of a little boy, and Beaver was his name. He told no lies and he loved his mom, and everyone thought he was lame.
Forgettable show, with a great theme song.
This is a Western that's set in Lake Tahoe. There were a lot of characters but I only remember Joe.
Gleeson, Jackie Gleeson, they ripped you off and made this show.
There are 3 sons, there are 3 sons, and then there's dad, who has 3 sons.
The guy from Mary Poppins, got married, to Mary, but not to Mary Poppins, I mean Tyler Moore.
This is a show about Monsters, the only one of it's ki-
*clicks fingers*
This show, is about a genie, who looks good in a bikini, that's why this is my favourite show.
It set in Hawaii, and it's about Five-O's.
DescriptionTV Show
The racy things that Archie'd say, a bigot in the nicest way, can't believe this got airplay, those were the days.
Son and Sanford, made a living selling trash. Won't you check out, Demond's 70s moustache.
Linda Carter starred as, I'm in love with.
A nice teacher tried to teach kids like John Travolta, John was too dumb to learn.
Jack is behind the door won't come out of the loo, but eventually Susanne Somers quit, and the Ropers did too.
They were good old boys, Uncle Jesse's their dad. Beats all you ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they was born.
You take 4 girls, you take a hag, you add a house.
This show started in 1990, and it will never end.
So many, and they're all the same.
Now this is the story all about how, Will Smith quit rap to be a cash cow.
*clap clap clap clap*
This is the story about a TV show, that won a ton of awards, but nobody watched it.
Drinking, 60s, drinks on my TV.

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