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Place which allows shopping
If you are famous you may be a global super...
A belief, you may have a certain super... when you are judging someone or something
McDonald's have these kind of fries
Fast cars may have engines which are turbo...
Something that is on or near the surface is super... e.g. a super... wound
Item used to stick other items or objects together
English writing technique, it is the greatest form of an adjective or adverb
2007 American teen comedy movie starring Jonah Hill and Michael Cera
1985 Nintendo video game character
A high performance car may be described as a super...
A very large building for gambling
A word relating to an existance outside the natural world
Oasis song - 'in a champagne super... in the sky'
A person who may be in charge of a certain area of a business is often given the title of super...
A speed greater than the speed of sound
A parent capable of high level parenting skills
Someone who is greater than another is often described as super...
Boxing weight class

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