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Can you name the animals and reptiles of the jungle?

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Nocturnal, very lazy, found in burrows
Aquatic, around 10 ft in length, 800 lbs
Bovidae family, unbranched horns
Placental animal, ' little armored one'
Omnicorous, large, around 40 inches in length, 90 lbs
Bovinae sub-family, herbivorous, 7 to 11.5 ft in length
Native to North America, large, omnivorous, large, sharp claws
Fastest land animal (0-60 in 3 secs approx.)
Intelligent, share 98% of genetic blueprints of humans, adapt to various habitats
Powerful predator, only eats its own prey, hunt in packs
Omnivorous animals native to North America, hunt in packs
Large, aquatic, native of Australia, Powerful
Cervidae family, ruminant mammal, permanent horns
Largest land animal, 5,000 - 14,000 lbs
small canid, bushy tale, commonly a ginger colour
Tallest animal (14 to 17 ft high), ruminant mammal
Largest primate animal, native to Africa
Spiky, commonly brown, small, feed on insects
Large size, large teeth, heavy, sometimes aquatic, ferocious
Strong jaw and digestive system, stereotypically associated with laughter
Predator, third largest feline, vicious, jungle book animal
Pouched mammal, feed on leaves and live in trees
Large reflective eyes and wailing cries, group - stepsirrhines
Smallest of the big cats, fast and have a good ability to climb
King of the animal kingdom, savanna grasslands, strong predator
Solitary cat native to North America (prominently Alaska and Canada), Europe and Asia
Some are aquatic, others prefer treetops, weasel like animal
Very clever, associated with humans, feed on plants, nuts and seeds
Racoon like animal, endangered species, reddish-brown colour
Large horns, often subject of poaching, ferocious, very large
Spray an oily smelly liquid as a defense mechanism
Legless reptile, scaly skin, venom
Obligate carnivore, ferocious, up to 13 ft. in length, royal feline
Testudines order, hard shell acts as a shield, endangeed species
Hunt in packs, distinguished from jackals and wolves, wild
Resembles a bear, powerful, largest member of the weasel family, associated with popular comic book series
Largest member of the dog family, hunt in packs, vicious, like to drag prey to the ground
Striped animal, seen in herds, big

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