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What item is stolen from Benson from the picnic area?The item was stolen by Father Damo.
What is the name of the priest who always has an unfortunate incident when Ted rings his phone?He drove his car over a cliff.
Who is father Ted's rival on Rugged Island?Nooooo!!!
What is the name of Ted and Dougals Eurovision song?...You're a pony no more...
Which island is the parochial house on?Begins with a 'C'
Where does the television want to meet Ted for an interview?'It has less rocks than most places'
What is the name of the man who wears a jumper saying 'I shot J.R.'He shot inside a post office because he did not want to fill out the forms.
What is the name of the unseen priest who has puffy lips and is in a home due to suspicious fires?This was mentioned when Dougal was boiling the kettle in the caravan.
In the episode 'competition time' which famous musician does the three priests portray?Are you lonesome tonight?
What is the name of the prize winning sheep?His confidence was dashed by the so called 'beast'
In which English city was Father Jack on trial?Dougal got confused and thought Jack had a trial to be a footballer with this club
What is the name of the housekeeper?Go on, go on, go on
What does Jack drink when he shows all of the symptoms of death?A liquid used for cleaning
What is the name of the dancing priest?Ted visited him for a lend of his car for the raffle.
Bishop Brennan has a secret son in ______Country
Who plays the role of Father Noel Furlong?Irish television presenter for the BBC.
What is the name of the road that water flows up?This road eventually pulled Father Jack over a cliff.
What car does Ted drive?'A crappy blue ____ _____'
Which joke item beginning with the letter 'T' does Dougal bring on the aeroplane with him?It is a dog toy
What is the name of the old priest's home?Jack goes here when he has his 'hairy hands'.

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