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TPE is __________
Rich Canadian Monkey user
you would like that, ________
Brawl? (what user would ask this?)
GGPO means what?
this user is from paraguay
mysterious mod, unexplained bans
first president of the gcb
2nd president of the gcb (also a ****)
3rd president of the gcb
4th president of the gcb
5th president of the gcb
6th president of the gcb
Probably a pedophile, likes poop
British Guy
acronym for the gcb game
GCB Tabloid paper
UP's nickname
lilb's nickname
the girl (main one at least)
co-founder of the GCB with mario2
GCB artist
the ____ riot resulted in 'the 12' prophecy coming true
TPE's Real name
if you can't complete a task you may have _____ syndrome
The GCB's Army: The ________ (originated on the SSB Board)
The 'other' GCB: _______ Community Board
These cure cancer
was a mod, then wan't a mod, now is a mod again. Blonde hair.
Prince of an Island in the Pacific
Australian.. not around much these days
Dillo's political party
he got shot.. also mysteriously dissappeared
Doesn't fulfill bets (tamale)
Threm's Wife
The 'Adjetive' 'Breakfast Food' 'Animal' Riot
DJ Koopa Icon
Long time Lurker few time poster

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