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Forced Order
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Lyric: Song:
I've gotta megatropolis in my hand
Ever loving mug of Mr. Norman Mailer
I'm forming I'm warming
We don't wanna set up for the kill
Little woman save me some
I wanna leave but I just get stuck
Brazilian children get their fill
Let's dance all night and day now
Pick a star in the open sky
She's a lover baby and a fighter
A rainy Lithuanian/Who's dancing as an Indian
Compare us to a Ferris wheel
Can I get my co-defendant
MGM and the lion's roar
Lyric: Song:
Big girl you ate the neighbor
All in favor sing the waiver
A funeral march for Bonnie Brae
Little lady what a reputation
Some dreams were meant to be declined
Pushing dirt into a Quacker
Come to believe that I better not leave
I'm consecrated but I'm not devout
Canyons of 5th avenue
Lost in the valley without my horses
Search and seizure wake up Venus
Deep down in Arizona
Death defying this mess I'm buying
The smell of Springsteen/A pair of pantyhose

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