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What will be eaten by plagueWinter Winds
When did you not think?White Blank Page
On what won't I let you choke?The Cave
And what in your hair?After the Storm
What does this winter clarity do?Thistle & Weeds
To what will you pray?Dust Bowl Dance
What swept me into your armsWinter Winds
How should you come out of the cave?The Cave
Where is it empty?The Cave
Where is your grace wasted?Little Lion Man
When have I been kicked of my land?Dust Bowl Dance
Where is death?Timshel
With what in your heart?After the Storm
What is a harsh term?Roll Away Your Stone
What must I finally showAwake My Soul
What will the lion man never settle?Little Lion Man
Where does the blind man sleep?I Gave You All
How fickle my heart and....?Awake My Soul
What have been burned?Roll Away Your Stone
What had this dusty barren land given?Dust Bowl Dance

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