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Can you name the fighting game character by Ultra/Hyper/Super Attack?

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Attack NameCharacterFighting Game
Corkscrew Cross (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
Aegis Counter (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Nightmare Booster (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Last Dread Dust (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
Weaver's Art: Breaking Wheel (SP Skill)P4Arena
I'mma Beat the Crap Outta You! (Distortion Drive)BBCSEX
Tiger Destruction (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Megidolaon (Instant Kill)P4Arena
Galactic Punt (Instant Kill)P4Arena
Metsu/Shin Shoryuken (Ultra 2) (Lv.3 Hyper)SSFIVAE12/UMVC3
Joker Trick (Instant Kill)GGXXAC+
Deus Ex Machina (Astral Heat)BBCSEX
Ten Rai Ha (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Chaos Dimension (Lv.3 Hyper)UMVC3
Ace Attorney (Lv.3 Hyper)UMVC3
Bionic Lancer (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Rekkouha (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Sword of the Godslayer (Astral Heat)BBCSEX
Mighty Tornado (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Final Justice (Lv.3 Hyper)UMVC3
Shout of Earth (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
Yoga Catastrophe (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
'Character Name' Ultra Spark (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
Gimlet (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Baden-Baden Lily (Distortion Drive)BBCSEX
Space Opera Symphony (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Maragidyne (Awakened SP Skill)P4Arena
Death Crawl (Lv.1 Blockbuster)Skullgirls
'Character Name'-Style Forbidden Technique: Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan (Distortion Drive)BBCSEX
Gyro Drive Smasher (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Silent Kill (Lv.3 Hyper)UMVC3
Crawler Assault (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Feng Shui Engine (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Astral Vision (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Rensen Ougi: Midare Gami (Instant Kill)GGXXAC+
Ouruboros (Lv.3 Hyper)UMVC3
Dragon Install: Sakkai (Overdrive)GGXXAC+
Zero-Gun: Fenrir (Distortion Drive)BBCSEX
Round Harvest (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Nine Gates of Heaven (Astral Heat)BBCSEX
Gen-Ky Lovers (Overdrive)GGXXAC+
Ultimate Atomic Buster (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Messatsu-Goshoryu (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
Raishin Mahhaken (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Burst Time (Ultra 1) (Lv.1 Hyper)SSFIVAE12/UMVC3
Haru Ranman (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Megalith Array (Lv.5 Blockbuster)Skullgirls
Dancing Flash (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Climax Beat (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
Goodfellas (Lv.3 Blockbuster)Skullgirls
Attack NameCharacterFighting Game
Volcanic Roar (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Soul Satellite (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
The Puppeteer's Altar (Astral Heat)BBCSEX
Yoroitoshi (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Dimension Slash (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Dark Dimension (Lv.3 Hyper)UMVC3
Napalm Death (Instant Kill)GGXXAC+
Guren Senpukyaku (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
Iron Avenger (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Mach Speed (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
It's Alive! (Overdrive)GGXXAC+
Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent (Distortion Drive)BBCSEX
Magna-Tech Wheel (Distortion Drive)BBCSEX
Garudyne (SP Skill)P4Arena
Bushin Muso Renge (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
Raging Slash (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
Dark Fire (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Weapon X (Lv.3 Hyper)UMVC3
Magnum Opera (Instant Kill)GGXXAC+
Kikosho (Ultra 2) (Lv.1 Hyper)SSFIVAE12/UMVC3
Raid/Critical Shot (Awakened SP Skill)P4Arena
Dead On Time (Overdrive)GGXXAC+
Circus Bear (Awakened SP Skill)P4Arena
Chokyaku Houoshou (Overdrive)GGXXAC+
Dark Angel (Overdrive)GGXXAC+
Cuttin' Time (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Elemental Rage (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Imperial Ray (Overdrive)GGXXAC+
Delta End (Instant Kill)GGXXAC+
Soul Survivor (Overdrive)GGXXAC+
Ride the Lightning (Overdrive)GGXXAC+
Devil Must Die (Lv.3 Hyper)UMVC3
Zetsu (Instant Kill)GGXXAC+
Servbot Suprise (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Planet Crusher (Astral Heat)BBCSEX
Iron Maiden (Instant Kill)GGXXAC+
Rekkashingeki (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Gamma Crush (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Survival Techniques (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Legacy Edge (Distortion Drive)BBCSEX
Rapid Fire Fist (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Raven Spike (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Meido Gohado (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Tanden Stream (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Ultimate Killer Head Ram (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Unknown Darkness (Instant Kill)GGXXAC+
Goddess' Bracelet (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Denjin Hadoken (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
Shoot the Moon (Instant Kill)GGXXAC+
Jaguar Avalanche (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
Attack NameCharacterFighting Game
Bloody High Claw (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Bioweapon Assault (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Ultimate Showstopper (Lv.1 Blockbuster)Skullgirls
Ultimate Whiner (Overdrive)GGXXAC+
Sonic Hurricane (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
Abare Tosanami Kudaki (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
f-inverse (Distortion Drive)BBCSEX
Gregor Samson (Lv.1 Blockbuster)Skullgirls
Seven Rings of Raggadorr (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Ice Fang (Distortion Drive)BBCSEX
Zetsuei (and/or) Ryukoha (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Master of Puppets (Overdrive)GGXXAC+
Shun Goku Satsu (Ultra 1) (Lv.3 Hyper)SSFIVAE12/UMVC3
Challenge Authority (SP Skill)P4Arena
Gravity Squeeze (Lv.3 Hyper)UMVC3
Sourai Rengeki (Ultra 2)SSFIVAE12
Lost in Nightmares (Lv.3 Hyper)UMVC3
Tsurane Sanzu Watashi (Overdrive)GGXXAC+
Retribution: Infinity (Distortion Drive)BBCSEX
Hard Drive (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Black Onslaught (Astral Heat)BBCSEX
Requiem Aeternam (Astral Heat)BBCSEX
Healing Field (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Rock 'n' Roll (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Man Series: Brofist (Instant Kill)P4Arena
Okami Shuffle (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Dead on Arrival (Lv.3 Blockbuster)Skullgirls
Goddess Shield (SP Skill)P4Arena
Hyper Psionic Blaster (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Myriad Truths (Instant Kill)P4Arena
Violent Buffalo (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Gravametric Blaster (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Silent Scope (Lv.1 Blockbuster)Skullgirls
Sphere Flame (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Inferno (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Last Will & Testament (Instant Kill)GGXXAC+
Executor X (Overdrive)GGXXAC+
Shissho Buraiken (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Bufudyne (SP Skill)P4Arena
EXE Laser (Instant Kill)GGXXAC+
Sturm Wolf (Distortion Drive)BBCSEX
This Week's Climax! (Instant Kill)GGXXAC+
Cyclone Uppercut (SP Skill)P4Arena
Fifth of Dismember (Lv.3 Blockbuster)Skullgirls
Oil Coaster (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12
Miracle Jeanne (Distortion Drive)BBCSEX
Hellfire Maelstrom (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Taking out the Trash (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Grenade Launcher (Lv.1 Hyper)UMVC3
Soulless (Ultra 1)SSFIVAE12

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