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Can you name the most important events and people during and leading to the pre-English settlement of the New World?

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YearEvent, Person, etc.Hint
c. 33000-8000 B.C.First humans cross into America from here
c. 5000 B.C.This crop is developed as a staple in highland Mexico
c. 4000 B.C.The first civilized societies develop in this region of the world
c. 1200 B.C.Corn planting reaches this present day American region
c. A.D. 1000These voyagers discover and briefly settle in northeastern North America
c. A.D. 1000Corn cultivation reaches these two regions of present day America
c. A.D. 1100This Mississippian settlement is at its peek
c. A.D. 1100-1300These wars arouse European interest in the East
1295This famous explorer returns to Europe
late 1400sThis European power becomes united
1488This Portuguese explorer rounds the dip of Africa
1492Columbus lands on one of these islands
1494This treaty divided claims to the new world between Portugal and Spain
1498This explorer reaches India
1498This man explores the northeastern coast of north America for England
1513This explorer crosses the isthmus of Panama and claims all lands touched by the Pacific Ocean for Spain
1513, 1521This Spaniard explores Florida
YearEvent, Person, etc.Hint
1519-1521This Conquistador causes the fall of the Aztecs and takes Mexico for Spain
1522This Portuguese explorer completes circumnavigation of the world
1524This man explores the eastern seaboard of North America for France
1532This man crushes the Incas
1534This man journeys up the St. Lawrence River
1539-1542This Conquistador explores the Southeast and discovers the Mississippi River
1540-1542This man explores the present-day Southwest
1542This man explores the California coast for Spain
1565The Spanish build their fortress here
late 1500sThis Native American Confederacy is founded
c. 1598-1609Juan de Onate conquers these people of the Rio Grande valley
1609The Spanish establish a government in this present-day area
1680The Spanish are overthrown in the above mentioned province in an event known as this
1680sA French expedition under Robert La Salle travels this
1769This Franciscan friar founds the first California mission at San Diego
BonusTranslator for a Conquistador who has given her name to the Mexican language as the word for 'traitor'

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