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English term French translation
To hurt someone's feelings
To turn over a new leaf
To resign oneself to something
To appreciate the severity of something
To take a dislike to someone
A preconceived notion
To call into question
To ignore, be oblivious to someone
To put an end to something
To emphasize
To implement
To adjust/perfect
To see life through rose-colored spectacles
To not see any harm in something
It is a rare phenomenon
They are not responsible for that
To look for a problem
To make it through
Several times
In spite of
In turn
It happened a long time ago
The latest fashion
English term French translation
Disgracefully bad
During the course/process of
We must realise that...
It is necessary to consider another viewpoint
It is necessary for us to consider ways in which one could respondt
It would be wrong to suggest
One must recognise the severity of the problem
It is unquestionable that...
What we must bear in mind is that...
After further consideration
I don't think that that is the best way of deal
Stay there
To lose interest in
At any time
Way of thinking
To stay informed
To demand
A means of escape
To turn into a nightmare
To deprive oneself of something
To take care of

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