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English TermFrench Translation
We must realise that...
We are on the same wavelength
It is impossible for me to disagree
Despite what people say, I continue to believe that
The punishment should be proportionate to the crime
To be almost indescribable
It is possible that you are right, however
Before it is too late
It is necessary to consider another viewpoint
It is necessary for us to consider ways in which one could respondto this problem
I do not think that that would be a good idea
One must recognise the severity of the problem
It would be wrong to suggest
Far from resolving the problem, that would...
That is not always the case
I'm opposed to that proposal
I see things quite differently
I agree up to a point, but on the other hand
English TermFrench Translation
I don't think that that is the best way of dealing with the problem
I don't agree with you at all on that
I don't really agree with you on that because...
Why can you not accept that..?
I cannot agree that such ideas could be acceptable
I would advise you to reconsider your viewpoint
As far as my position is concerned, I must add that...
One must take into account the fact that...
Given that.., isn't it possible that you might
After close consideration
It is unquestionable that...
It doesn't seem to me as though attach as much importance I do to this issue
I cannot deny the fact that...
What we must bear in mind is that...
Taking each aspect engaged with here into consideration
We arrive at the conclusion that...
After further consideration

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