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I have a heart I swear I do, but just not baby when it comes to you
This is our last chance, Give me, your hands. 'Cause our world is spinning at the speed of light. The night is fading, heart is racing.
I think it's time that I mention that I got myself an obsession, for the smell and the touch
Every single night we fight to get a little high on life To get a little something right, something real, at least we try Time after time, try dodging all the douch bag guys.
Bored, stoned, sitting in your basement, all alone, 'cause your little conversations got around, now look at what we all found out
Back door craked, we don't need a key. We get in for free, no VIP sleaze
Maybe I need some rehab, or maybe just need some sleep. I got a sick obsession I'm seeing it in my dreams
Zip your lips like a padlock, and meet me in the back with the Jack and the jukebox.
I miss your soft lips; I miss your white sheets. I miss the scratch of your unshaved face on my cheek.
Swimming pools, limousines (C'mon let's do it). C'mon let's cause a scene (C'mon let's do it).
When the dark of the night comes around thats the time, when the animal comes alive looking for something wild.
I don't need you or your brand new Benz.
Old man, why are you staring at me? Mack on me and my friends... It's kinda creepy.
Listen to yourself, you're a hot mess. St-st-stutter through your words, breaking a sweat. What's it gonna take to confess what we both know?
Here we go. Welcome to my funeral. Without you I don't even have a pulse.
Don't stop, make it pop. DJ turn the speakers up. Tonight Imma fight til we see the sunlight.
I was looking lost, it was cold outside. The whisky rocks, how you caught my eye.
I think you got the best of me. You're sleeping with the enemy. You left me ah-ah-all alone alone alone alone.
I saw you in your tight-ass rocker pants. You saw me too. I laughed 'cause I was completely trashed
Last night I had enough, I put on the brakes.
Hot and dangerous. If you're one of us then roll with us.
And now the sun is rising, and now the long walk back home (back home).

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