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Who directed the first film?
What's the name of the spaceship on the first film?
How many passengers are on board?
Who's the first passenger killed?
Where is Dallas killed?
What's wrong with Ash?
What does Ripley activate near the end?
What's the name of the cat?
In what planet did they find the alien?
Who directed the second film?
How many years later was Ripley found?
What is the name of the corporation?
What had happened to Ripley's daughter?
Where did Ripley worked after her flight license was revoked?
What where the terraformers/colonists building in the planet?
What military division did Ripley join?
What was Newt's real name?
What's the name of the spaceship on the second film?
What was the name of the android onboard?
What's Hicks rank and name?
What kind of alien did Ripley find in the planet?
Who directed the third film?
What happened after Ripley and Co. escaped?
How many survived the crash?
What was the name of the prison planet?
Ripley befriends Clemens, what was his job?
According to the Theatrical version, the alien breeds with what?
Who was the immates spiritual leader?
What was Aaron's IQ?
Who was carrying an Alien queen inside?
What did Ripley do in the end?
Who was the only surviving immate?
Who directed the fourth film?
How many years after Alien 3 does it take place?
What did the scientists do to Ripley in the beginning of the film?
What was the name of the military ship where they did it?
What was the name of the mercenary ship?
What were the mercenaries smuggling?
What was the name of the android onboard?
Where did they land in the end?
What other alien creature has the Aliens faced on films?

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