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Forced Order
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Michael MasseeMercenary, kidnapper, Day 1
Richard BurgiImpersonator, kidnapper, Day 1
Dennis HopperPatriarch, vendetta, Serbian, Day 1
Zeljko IvanekOldest son, mastermind, Day 1
Misha CollinsYoungest son, stabbed, Day 1
Francesco QuinnSecond Wave, family, nuclear weapon, Day 2
Laura HarrisBlond, young woman, nuclear weapon, Day 2
Tobin BellBusinessman, conspirator, Day 2
Thomas KretschmannGerman, yacht, Day 2
Vincent LarescaMexican, younger brother, druglord, Day 3
Joaquim de AlmeidaMexican, older brother, druglord, Day 3
Greg EllisAuctioneer, Cordilla virus, Day 3
Paul BlackthorneBritish, Cordilla virus, Day 3
Nestor SerranoMiddle-eastern, suburban family, Day 4
Tony PlanaKidnapper, James Heller, Day 4
Ned VaughnAir Force One, pilot, Day 4
Arnold VoslooTurkish, terrorist leader, Day 4
David Dayan FisherOntario airport, Dawn Brigade, Day 5
Mark SheppardYellow tie, Sentox nerve gas, Day 5
Julian SandsSeparatist, Sentox nerve gas, Day 5
Peter WellerFormer CTU agent, Omicron, Day 5
Gregory ItzinPresident, conspirator, Day 5
Paul McCraneCabal, conspirator, Day 5
Adoni MaropisMiddle-eastern, nuclear suitcases, Day 6
Rade SerbedzijaSoviet general, cut his arm, Day 6
James CromwellFather, BXJ, Day 6
Tzi MaChinese, government security, torturer, Day 6
Hakeem Kae-KazimSangala, butcher, Day 7
Tony ToddSangala, general, White House, Day 7
Jon VoightStarkwood, prion variant, Day 7
Carlos BernardFormer CTU agent, vengeance, Day 7
Will PattonLeader of conspirators, Day 7
Mia KirshnerMercenary-for-hire, woman, Day 1-2-4
Sarah ClarkeFormer CTU agent, Teri, Day 1-2-3
Penny Johnson JeraldWife, nuclear weapon, shot, Day 1-2-3

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