Who dies in Harry potter

Can you name the people And creature who die in the Harry potter series?

Hint 1CharacterHints 2
Killed by an axe
Dies whilst asleepHistory of magic teacher
Harry's fatherMaurader
Harry's mother
Kilked by Harry's touch in PS
Killed by wormtailTriwizard competitor
Killed by death eatersKilled for being part if the Oder
Killed for being part of the order
Killed because there in the order
Killed because he's in the order
Killed for being part of the order
Killed by voldemort
Killed for not joining the Death eaters
Killed by voldemort because their son Edgar was part of the order
Killed by Lord voldemort
Killed by lord voldemort
Killed by lord voldemort
Died from illnessDisguised as her son in azkaban so he could escape
Killed by Alastair moody
Killed by aurors
Killed and torturedTold voldemort about the triwizard tournemount
Killed by voldemort in riddles houseRiddle house gardener
Killed by his son
Hint 1CharacterHints 2
Kilked by Peter pettigrew but we first thought it was Sirius black
Lavender browns rabbit
Old ageOwner if the philosophers stone
Old ageOwner of the philosophers stone
Killed by the basilisk
Prevoius head teacher of hogwarts
Killed by harryCreature in the chamber of secrets
Killed for being part of the order
GiantKilked by another giant
Killed herself after one if her spells backfired.
Pushed under the veil by bellatrix
Head of the department of magical law enforcement
Headteacher of durmstrang
Mother of Hannah
Killed during the battle of hogwartsDeath eater
Married to Remus lupin
Always taking photos
Killes by nagini Teacher at hogwarts
SnakeKilled by Neville
Killed by Molly weasley
Killed by Harry in the final battle
Killed by Neville longbottom when the bridge collapses
Hint 1CharacterHints 2
Died in a fire
Twin and owner of wizard weasley wheezesDied from falling rock
WerewolfMarried to nymphadora Tonks
Wand shop owner in diagon alley Killed by voldemort
Killed by NaginiMeets Harry in Godrics hollow
Killed by snatchers
One of the marauders Saved by Harry potter
Killed by bellatrixHouse elf
Killed by snape on his orders
Killed during a three way battle
DrownedTried to destroy the locket
Saw the grimPart of the weasley family
Teaches muggle studies Killed by lord voldemort
Killed during the seven pottersOwl
Kikled during the seven potters Rode with mundungus who abandoned him
Previous minister for magic
Killed by her daughter by accident
Killed by the bloody baronOne if the hogwarts houses
Killed himself Ghost
Died in askaban
Old ageHouse
Old ageHouse
Old ageHouse

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