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maple syrup mounties ice hockey Labrador
Bollywood subcontinent Bengal tiger
Tango 'good air ' Patagonia
Bastille Charles de Gaulle Provence Asterix
Kiwi Mauri Mt Egmont Moa 'Long White Cloud '
Lego Hamlet Zeeland Oldest flag
Babylon Tigris Mesopotania Ur
Aztec burrito Toreador Tenochitlan
Tanganyika Serengeti Kilimanjaro Great rift
Jaffa Dome of the Rock Wailing wall Judea
Viking Norse Lillehammer winter Olympics
Siberia Urals Lenin Stalin Kremlin
Andes Paddington Inca Titicaca
Incheon Samsung Hyundai
Syndrome Ikea Volvo Scandinavia
Giza Tutenkhamen Sphinx Ramases
Great wall Mao Zedong Yellow river Wu
Baroque Mozart Boheme Danube
Ceylon Colombo Tamil
Shinto Samuri Mt Fuji Cherry tree
Pact Corridor Wista Borshe
Canal Fedora Bocas del Toro
Shamrock Leprechaun St.Patrick
Shiraz Persia Ayatollah Shatt Al Arab
Genghis Khan Manchu Mongol
Rally Paris Dakar Sine
Dolomites Tuscany Ides Romulus and Remus
Praslin Victoria Coco de Mer
Himalaya Gurka Hilary
Mayflower Pilgrim Yosemite District of Columbia
Brandenburg Ruhr Oktoberfest Elbe
Siam Buddah Semenanjung
Plato Acropolis Thrace Spartan
New Holland Endeavour Botany Bay
Okra Casbah Fez Atlas
Samba Amazonas Sugarloaf
Neutral Helvetica Alps Edelweiss
Asia Minor Ottoman Ataturk
Catalonia Costa Del Sol Andaluca
Low lands Windmill Gouda Clogs
St. George bulldog White cliffs
Magyar sausage dobosh
Andes Atacama Aconcugua
Wanderers Kalahari Good hope
Transylvania Carpatian Constanta
Gold Coast Banda ma Blanc
Lawrence Sinai Mecca Oil
Crimea Black sea Pripyat
Coffee New World Orinoco
Lapland Laani White Knights

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