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QUIZ: Can you name the Biography: Brad Nowell?

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Birth Name?
Lead singer of what band?
Instrument played?
Date of Death?
Cause of Death?
Finish the lyric: 'Get down on your knees and start to pray...'
Studied Finance at which University?
Wife's Name?
Dog's Name?
Named After?
First Single?
Which male 'actor' is featured in the music video for the song mentioned above?
Finish the lyric: 'The tension is getting hotter, I'd like to hold her...'
'Scarlet Begonias' is a song covered from which band?
First Album?
Highest Charting Single?
Which artist did Sublime collaborate with on the song 'Saw Red'?
Finish the lyric: 'Now I've got the needle, I can shake but I can't breathe, take it away but I want more and more...'

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