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Can you name the Cweb's and Theresa's Best Memories!!?

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The NHS officer position you ever so kindly handed off to me.
You know that guy you work with? I think his name is ______? Wellll, you should definitely tell him that he’s a great dancer!
Thank goodness we have _______ to answer all our William and Mary questions!
The president that we canvassed for.
You work at ________. And I see you there a lot.
So I heard about this really awesome band one time. They named themselves after their camp counselor. Totally wish I could have seen them perform.
That weird thing you do where look at me and then look away and then look at me again. Sooo awkward. (Hint: the answer starts with “awkward” and ends with “look”)
Remember that time when we were watching the _______ game and I asked you about 123891248 times if you were excited for your grad party? That was awkward too.
I love ___ ______. I should get a job at an ___ ______ shop.
Best game to play during campus in the whole wide world!

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