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Type of seed + Ancient Lizard
Tree growing plant + Ancient Lizard
Insect eating plant + Ancient Lizard
To burn + Newt-like amphibian
To burn + Type of reptile
To burn + Type of reptile (not same)
To spray + Shelled reptile
Liquid + Two different shelled reptiles
Large spray + Large shelled reptile
Small insect + word for cute thing
Evolution of above + what it evolves in
Flying, full form insect + free..
Small insect + Pointed metal item
Corruption of cocoon
Honey making insect + Ground digger
Feral Bird + Type of Parakeet
Feral Bird + Italian 18
Feral Bird + Fast flying vehicle
Rodent + Knocking sound
Rodent + Destroy
Pointed Weapon + Bird
To be scared + Bird
Reptile spelt backwards
Larger version of above spelt backwards with a k instead of a c
Mountain Rodent + Japanese Squeaking
Japanese Thunder + Japanese Squeaking
Desert Ground + Rodent
Desert Ground + Type of Attack
Japanese Two + Japanese word for a type of flower + Female
Japanese Two + Large Mammal + Female suffix
Japanese Two + Female Royal
Japanese Two + Japanese word for a type of flower + Male
Japanese Two + Large Mammal + Male suffix
Japanese Two + Male Royal
Musical Key + Mythical Flying Human
Musical Key + Tale with moral
Canine + Number of tails it has
The number of tails it has
Wobbly + Blow up like a balloon
Wobbly + Strong
Japanese slicing sound + Flying Mammal
Shiny Yellow Stone + Flying Mammal
Strange + Vegetable
State of depression
Evil + Feathers
Short for (disease)
Disease + Six legged invertebrate
Poison-like substance emitted by snakes + Small blood drinking invertebrate
Poison-like substance emitted by snakes + Nocturnal flying insect
Excavate + Small
Excavate + Three
Cat sound + somewhat rich
Breed of cat
Sixth sense + Waterbird
Shiny Yellow Stone + Waterbird
Prehensile Mammal + Angry
Large group of mammals + Like above but without tail
Carnivore Sound + Slender
Mysterious + Like a dog
Word for tadpole + Dogs do this with their tail when happy
Word for tadpole + Spin
Word for tadpole + Angry
Iconic part of a magician's catchphrase
..And again
..And again
Manly Karate + Slice
Manly Karate + To suffer with blocked air
Manly Karate + Master
Flower + Growing Plant
Sad + Plant
Win + Large leaf bearing plant + Flower
Octopus legs + Amazing
Octopus legs + Bad
Rock + Guy
Small Rocks + Doing suffix
Folklore Giant
Small Horse + Spanish small person
Fast + Running + Volcano leftbehind
Not fast person
Not fast + brother
Metal attracted device + small
Metal attracted device + heavy
Extinct Bird + Two of them
Extinct Bird + Three of them
Corruption of sea mammal
Water on grass + Manatee like animal
Dirtiness + Does that
Corruption of Dirtiness
Protective part of animals - Protection place
Two different concealed animals
Ghost + Gas
Scares others
Cut from a German word meaning 'ghostly shadow'
Type of rock
Dull with sleepiness + Sleepy letter
Seizes someone to make them believe them, a corruption of that
Marine Invertebrate
Two types of above
Electric word + rounded thing
(....) currents pass through this
Birds hatch out of this + to kill
Similar to above
Baby carnivorous animal + structure of vertebrates
Insides of the structure of vertebrates + Attack
Attack + Scary kiddy animal + Martial Artist
Attack + Scary kiddy animal + Another Martial Artist
To pose dribble from (...) + (...)
Corruption of an illness
Corruption of a similar illness
Large Mammal + What it bears on its nose
Large Mammal + Large and important
Similar to the second word, a bit of luck + Similar to the first word
Spun in a twist + Winged human female
Marsupial + Warrior
Backwards of a special fish
Another special fish minus three letters
A common pet fish + Royal Female
Marine + Royal Male
Special pentagon + Chinese word for liquid animal
Special pentagon + Chinese word for special stone
Male + Copier
Slices things
Curse of bad luck
Makes computers work + Sound a bee makes
Word for lava
Grips things with claws
The Bull Zodiac
Somewhat unbelievable + Type of liquid animal
Several Japanese words for slaughter and aggresive
French for 'seat'
First two letters of what it's good at
Liquid does this + long time
A word linked to the word of what makes computers work + a long time
Fire + Long Time
Shapes; with a Japanese accent
Marine animal remains; a shell
Similar; but this time with a special pentagon
Japanese for a special marine animal
Same as above; with a touch of another living fossil
In the sky + flying prehistoric animal
Sleeping sound + pleasure
Northern part of the world + Spanish for one
A word related to what controls computers + Spanish for two
It happens to lava + Spanish for three
Type of folklore reptile + very small
Type of folklore reptile + we breath it
Type of folklore reptile + a stone found in their heads
Sound a cat makes + two (who cares anymore?)
Sound a cat makes

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