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It contains Taranto, Bari and Gargano
It contains Potenza, Maratea and Matera
It contains Turin
The capital is Bologna. It also borders San Marino to the north
It is a very famous island in the south of Italy
It borders Slovenia and it also contains Trieste
It contains Bolzano
It is famous for its countryside and Perugia and Assisi
It contains Genoa
You can take a train from here to Sicily
It contains Milan
It borders San Marino to the south. It also contains Ancona.
It contains Florence and Siena
It borders both France and Switzerland. It also contains half of Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco)
It contains Venice
It is famous for its beaches.
It is a very small region that contains Campobasso
It contains Naples and Salerno
It contains the capital- Rome
Many Romans come here to ski in the winter

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