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QUIZ: Can you name the Palm actions?

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ThenarRecurrent branch of median nerve
Abductor pollicis brevisRecurrent branch of median nerve
Flexor pollicis brevis Recurrent branch of median nerve
Opponens pollicisRecurrent branch of median nerve
AdductorUlnar nerve
Adductor pollicisUlnar nerve
Hypothenar Ulnar nerve
Abductor digiti minimiUlnar nerve
Flexor digiti minimi brevisUlnar nerve
Opponens digiti minimiUlnar nerve
Central2,3: median nerve 4,5: ulnar nerve
Lumbricals2,3: median nerve 4,5: ulnar nerve
InterosseousUlnar nerve
3 palmar interosseiUlnar nerve
4 dorsal interosseiUlnar nerve

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