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Can you name the Kinslayers (actual or attempted) in Asoiaf

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Conceived a shadow assassin to kill his brother
Accused of and admits to murdering his nephew, although innocent
Murdered his father while fleeing the city
Rumoured to have murdered his father and sister
Suspected by his father to have murdered his trueborn half-brother
Sacrifices his sons when they are born
Suspected of being involved in his brother's 'fall' from a bridge
Beheaded a distant relation whose branch of the family have a similar surname
Accused by his brother of murdering their father to move up the line of succession
Named a kinslayer for pretending to murder his foster brothers
Suspected of commanding a kingsgard to kill her brother
Kills a sigil animal of his own house
'Dreams' of killing his brother because of childhood scars
Allows her husband to kill her brother
Wants to kill his brother but is afraid of the kinslaying curse
Marries, and then kills his foster sister
Killed his father and accused his brother of the crime

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