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How does the US Government work? #15?

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independant agency that controls and abates air and water pollution and protects the environment from pollution by solid wastes, pesticides, radiation, and toxic substances
individuals who, despite being employed or seeking employment, are still defined as poor because their low earnings are not enough to put them above the poverty threshold
income level differentiated by family size and annually adjusted for inflation, below which Gov defines individuals as being poor
SWP funded by Feds and State Gov that provides cash assistance to needy children and to an adult relative
public health insurance program which Gov pays providers of healthcare for medical services to those who are elderly or disabled
FDR's revolutionary policy and ideas for an active government's role in the economy
proportion of poor comprised of individuals isolated from the rest of society and for whom poverty is a continuing way of life
process of making decisions that try to contain or reduce identified risks
1935 legistlation that firmly est. social welfare role in the Gov
What does TANF mean?
definition of poverty that holds individuals with less, regardless of their absolute income, will feel poor or deprived relative to those who have more
aggressive governmental action to help poor and disadvantaged
noncash benefits, such as medical care services, from some SWP
welfare programs that provide cash or services to the aged, the disabled, and the unemployed, regardless of income level
type of SWP that Gov provides cash or in-kind benefits to individuals who have little or no income
policy strategies designed to completely remove poverty
1996 law that changed welfare by placing work and training requirements and time limits on its use
setting the idea of survival of the fittest to human economic settings and standards
Progressive Era was influential in what two President's reigns?
What does EPA mean?
What does SSI mean?
means-tested medical care program providing in-kind medical benefits for the poor
What does SNAP mean?
creator of the great society
means-tested program (food stamp program) that provides needy with cards that can only be used to purchase food
process of est. the potentially dangerous consequences of damage caused by particular practices.
policy strategies designed to make those in poverty able to bear poverty
public policy that matters affecting individuals within a political system
urban reform that calls for direct primaries, corp.s restriction, and improved public services
Gov programs directed specifically toward promoting the well-being of families and individuals
social insurance policy that grants temporary financial assistance to the unemployed
programs where eligible individuals get benefits according to the law

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