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the korean war started in what year?
est, by nat. security act 1947, resposible for formulating military policy and maintaining the armed forces
word meaning relaxed, referring to 70's soviet-american relations
agency that coordinates economic assistance programs
what does IMF mean?
Public opinion surveys generally show that the American public are what? when concerning about complexities and details of foreign policy
what does NATO mean?
the korean war ended in what year?
what war was not popular in the American 60's and early 70's
What does IIP mean
the vietnam war ended in what year?
What does USAID mean?
the idea that the US should not involve it self in the affairs of the rest of the world
agency that directs overseas info programs
what president was in charge in the US during the veitnam war?
What does INF mean?
What does DOD mean?
US, Britain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, and Portugal formed what in April 1949?
What does JCS mean?
multi-billion dollar US program to economically rahabilitate western europe after world war II
1969 policy that said the US would aid allies, but allies must provide the majority of troops and supplies
heads of various armed services and their chair that advise the president and the secretary of defense on important military questions
the vietnam war started in what year?
foreign policy that regards the rest of the world in peaceful interests and pursues involvement in the affairs of other nations
how was the IMF formed?
1947 policy that made the US oppose communism in the world
effort of protecting US soil from foreign or terrorist attack
what president was in charge in the US during the korean war?
agency, est by nat security act 1947, resposible for collecting info and coordinating foreign intel opts in the federal Gov
What does CIA mean?

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