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Can you name the characters off CW The Flash off a simple description?

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The fastest man alive
Has cold powers and works at STAR Labs
Gets visions of people and can open breaches. Also works at STAR Labs
Speedster in Flashpoint
Creator of STAR Labs
Detective at the CCPD
Star City vigilante
Has a cold gun
Has a heat gun
Has a gold gun
'Some would say I'm the reverse'
Earth-2 evil speedster
God of speed
Killed himself to save his friends
Earth-3 speedster
Forensic scientist at CCPD and was controlled by Savitar
Caitlin Snow's dead husband and one half of Firestorm
One half of Firestorm and a scientist
Nuclear man
Part of the new rogues
Child of Harry Wells and Earth-2 speedster
Telepathic gorilla
Flashpoint evil speedster
Captain of CCPD
Former employee at STAR Labs and a villain
Worked at CC Jitters and a Legend in DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Father and was killed by evil speedster
Mother and was killed by evil speedster
Used to work with Iris West

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