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Can you name the X-Men villains by their secret identities?

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Forced Order
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Secret IdentityVillain
Max Eisenhardt
En Sabah Nur
Cain Marko
Raven Darkholme
Victor Creed
John Allerdyce
Mortimer Toynbee
Wanda Maximoff
Marshall Stone III
Nathaniel Essex
Fred Dukes
Jason Wyngarde
Kevin Tremain
Yuriko Oyama
Calvin Rankin
Secret IdentityVillain
Arkady Rossovich
Karl Lykos
Regan Wyngarde
Kevin MacTaggert
Dominikos Petrakis
Maria Callasantos
Bennet du Paris
Eileen Harsaw
Keniuchio Harada
Gunther Bain
Irene Adler
Mike Columbus
Sylvia Rossovich
Aaron Salomon

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