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The United Kingdom only borders this country.Ireland
This corporation is both the oldest and most popular broadcaster in the United Kingdom.British Broadcasting Corporation
This British spy-thriller series started off with the film 'Dr. No'James Bond
Founded approximately 1000 years ago, this is the oldest English speaking university in the world.University of Oxford
The UK was the home of this world famous band, with chart topping songs such as 'From Me to You' and 'I Want to Hold Your Hand'The Beatles
This British children's book series was first published in 1997 and has since become the most popular book series in the world.Harry Potter
These are the two colors of the Scottish flag.Blue and White
This English scientist wrote the laws of motion.Issac Newton
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This British celebrity is most well known for his role as Mr. Bean.Rowan Atkinson
This football stadium is the largest stadium in the UK.Wembley Stadium
After a dispute with the Catholic Church, King Henry VIII created this religious denomination.Church of England
This best-selling British video game series is well known for its controversies relating to sex and violence and its influence in open world games.Grand Theft Auto
This March holiday is only celebrated by Northern IrelandSt. Patrick's Day
This man was the first formally elected prime minister of the UK, first elected in 1721.Robert Walpole
This Germanic language is spoken by over one million people, the most popular British language in the UK after English.Scots

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