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Can you name the words in this Rick and Morty themed word ladder?

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Hint5-Letter Word#
• The ultimate failure: '_____ (rung 26)' •1
• The man haunting Goldenfold's dreams 'Scary _____' •2
The way you feel around Christmas3
To wed4
The brave hero in Back to the Future, not to be confused with our lame version5
• Our hero, not to be confused with the cool version in Back to the Future •6
More than 39, less than 41. Do I have to spell it out for you?7
Those things you build when you're bored8
To walk9
Tiny little farts, not to be confused with toots10
To release a number two11
• 'Mr. _____butthole •12
Spinning, as to make you dizzy13
The main ingredient in rung 1314
Where they lock up chickens15
Walks like a horse16
How you hold stuff together17
• Everyone's favorite hangout '_____ and Chitz' •18
To step on a banana peel19
Temper tantrums21
What you use to measure stuff, like inches or grams22
• A collective hivemind and Rick's lover •23
Rung 2224
Rung 2125
Hits something really hard, archaic word replaced by superior voweled smites26
• The ultimate failure: '(rung 1) _____' •27

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