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Can you name the missing word for these common misconceptions about physics?

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MisconceptionMissing WordTruth
Anything moving will naturally come to a ____.
____, which is energy in transit, only travels upwards.
There is no gravity in outer _____.
All metals are attracted to _______.
______ cannot be converted into mass and vice versa.
Air takes the same amount of time to travel above and below an airplane's ____.
Velocity is the same as _____.
Visible _____, x-rays, microwaves, and gamma rays are different things.
Electrons are particles that orbit around the nucleus of an ____.
The ___ is a yellow ball of gas.
Light-year is a measurement of ____.
Dark ______ is interchangeable with dark energy.
_______ is a force that pulls two bodies of mass together.
An object's weight makes it harder to ____.
Planets move around the sun in the shape of a perfect ______.
Dropping a penny from the Empire _____ Building will kill someone on the ground.
Lightning never strikes the same place _____.
Energy can be gained and ____.
Gravity pushes planets along their ______.
_______ objects fall faster than lighter ones.

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