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Can you name the missing word for these common misconceptions portrayed in movies?

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MisconceptionMissing WordTruth
_____ can be heard in outer space.
A ______ can be stopped by a car door.
A car can be blown up by shooting the ___ tank.
An explosion can be created by dropping a lit _________ in gasoline.
Someone must be kept on the line to trace the location of a ____.
The possibility of successfully navigating an ________ field is approximately 3,720 to one.
Hitting someone on their ____ can cure amnesia.
You can get one phone call after being _______.
Guns can be made quiet with a ________.
The government uses _____ serum to interrogate people.
Skydivers can ____ to each other.
Volcanos are safe as long as you don't touch the ____.
A ____________ should be used whenever a patient is flatlining.
_____-based weapons fire as a beam.
_________ on a rag can be held to someone's face to knock them out.
A ____ can be shot open with a handgun.
You can tell a person is ________ because they are flailing in the water.
The pin of a _______ can be pulled with someone's teeth.
Undercover ______ have to identify themselves as such if asked.
It's more efficient to fire two ____ at the same time.

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