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Can you name the missing word for these common misconceptions about the law?

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MisconceptionMissing WordTruth
________ violence means striking one's spouse.
An American police officer must read the _______ rights before making an arrest.
______ prints are a quick and efficient way to convict.
You should wait __ hours before reporting a missing person.
Police working __________ must confess to being police officers if asked.
Freedom of ______ allows individuals to say whatever they wish.
Players cannot count _____ in casinos.
It is always illegal to film someone without their __________.
Violent _____ has been increasing over the generations.
______ killers are always white men.
The biggest threat to children is 'stranger ______'
An honest ________ account of a crime is usually accurate.
A confession is proof that the suspect is ______.
Long ______ sentences often deter future crime.
Examining a crime scene and examining evidence are done by the ____ person.
_________ analysis is done very quickly in a lab.
The ______ Nations has an enforcement branch to maintain international law.
Circumstantial ________ can't be used to convict.
The goal of defense _______ is to let criminals go free.
Being tried twice for the same crime, known as _____ _____, is illegal.

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