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Can you name the missing word for these common misconceptions about the human body?

Quiz Updated Apr 12, 2018

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MisconceptionMissing WordTruth
_______ can repair split ends.
Absorbing _____ causes fingers and toes to wrinkle.
Tetanus is caused by contact with ____.
______ are descended from chimpanzees.
Waking someone who is ____________ can kill the person.
There are humans that can remember everything perfectly, possessing a ___________ memory.
Eating a proper ____ will 'detoxify' the body.
Different areas of the ______ perceive different tastes.
Vaccines can cause a child to develop ______.
A person's hair and fingernails grow after the person ____.
Each trait is controlled by a specific ____ in DNA.
The two hemispheres of the _____ are responsible for different aspects of personality.
Eating fatty foods causes _____ gain.
Shaving causes facial hair to become _______.
A human body put in a vacuum will ______.
Sugar causes ________ to become hyperactive.
____ weather can make people sick.
Drinking ____ or other dairy products cause mucus buildup.
Sleeping in a room with a ___ blowing can kill you.
Cracking one's _______ will cause arthritis.

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