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Can you name the missing word for these common misconceptions about computers and technology?

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MisconceptionMissing WordTruth
A ______ with more Megapixels takes better quality photos.
Internet _______ is an inferior browser.
Phones interfere with ________ during takeoff.
Downloading simply means moving a ____.
A laptop ______ should not be recharged until it reaches zero.
Opening an _____ from an unknown sender can give the computer a virus.
Internet cookies are a type of malware and should be _______.
The internet was invented by __ Gore (or he claims as much).
Some ________ browsers are safer than others.
Megabyte (MB) is the ____ as Megabit (Mb).
A CD drive should not be closed by ____, but instead with the close button.
The ____ Screen of Death means the computer is ruined.
Macs are immune to _______.
You must defragment your hard _____ to keep it running.
The internet is the same as the _____ wide web.
Magnets can damage a CPU if they get too _____.
A device should not be left charging ________.
A computer should be turned ___ when not in use.
Cell ______ should not be used around gas stations.
Deleting a file ______ it from the hard drive.

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