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Can you name the missing word for these common misconceptions about astronomy?

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MisconceptionMissing WordTruth
The phases of the Moon are caused by the Earth's ______.
The four _______ are determined by the Earth's distance from the sun.
It takes the Earth exactly 24 _____ to rotate on its axis.
The ____________ was the first country to put a man in space.
The sun is not a ____.
Other planets can never be seen without a _________.
_______ require constant energy to fly through space.
There is a ____ side of the Moon.
The Moon generates _____.
_________ is a branch of astronomy that uses the planets to predict the future.
The Earth will always orbit the ___.
The Great Wall of China is the only manmade structure that can be ____ from space.
Meteorites are ___ when they reach the Earth.
____ can only be balanced on the vernal equinox.
The sun is colored ______.
________ stars are an actual kind of star
The brightest star in the sky is the _____ star.
The Moon can only be seen at _____.
There is no _______ on the Moon to hold things down.
A _____ eclipse happens once every few centuries.

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