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Can you type A or B to choose which of the two is an actual LEGO Star Wars set?

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Set AReal SetSet B
Battle for GeonosisDarth Vader's Lightsaber
Greedo's StarfighterChrome Stormtrooper
Rebel Alliance Battle PackTusken Raider Camp
Starkiller BridgeY-Wing Fighter
Finn vs. Kylo RenGungan Patrol
HH-87 StarhopperDeath Star Explosion
Wookie GunshipAR-26
Echo BaseBattle of Dantooine
Starship EnterpriseRepublic Frigate
Clone Troopers vs. DroidekasJabba's Downfall
Clone Wars BattlesMalevolence
Tatooine SpeederWatto's Junkyard
The SenateT-6 Jedi Shuttle
Obi-Wan's Jedi InterceptorCrashed Star Destroyer
Yoda's TempleFirst Order Star Destroyer

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